KWB helps Birmingham healthcare firm find a new home

A Birmingham healthcare company is moving to a new home on the M42 corridor, with the help of the city’s largest independent property agents, KWB.

BioCare Ltd has operated from the Lakeside Centre in Kings Norton since it was established more than 30 years ago, selling an ever-expanding range of UK-manufactured nutritional products and vitamin supplements to more than 70 countries.

The current 50-strong team cover all sales, marketing and operational functions, and includes an in-house team of clinical nutrition advisers.

BioCare also runs a major educational programme – featuring webinars, video-casts, seminars and other events – and operates an online library, including clinical protocols for all products.

However, MD Emma Ellis admits the current office space has increasingly inhibited the team-working and collaboration on which the business relies.

“The current layout is a result of our continued expansion but doesn’t suit our operational model, there is far too much wasted space and we decided back in 2018 that we needed to find somewhere new and more suitable when our lease expired in 2020,” she says.

“Everything we have achieved is down to the talent and experience of our staff, and we didn’t want to lose anyone by moving, but it’s been impossible to work as efficiently as we would like in our present location.”

Now, BioCare is moving to the Ravensbank Business Park in Redditch, having leased 7,800 sq ft of office space, and agreed a deal with the landowner to construct a brand-new 10,000 sq ft warehouse on an adjacent development site.

The relocation project was masterminded by Kenny Allan, the industrial director at Birmingham-based agents, KWB, who expects the distribution space to be fully operational during Q4 2020.

“It is never easy to find quality hybrid space, with offices and a warehouse combined, and Jason and his colleagues really liked the Ravens’ Court office, its location, and the easy access to the M42.

“There’s plenty of office space for future expansion, so the business is future-proofed from that perspective, and they decided it was worth waiting for a new warehouse.

“BioCare distributes all its products, rather than bringing in a third-party, so from an operational perspective, building space to their precise requirements makes sound sense.

“It may sound counter-intuitive, but they’re actually moving to less space. In Kings Norton they occupied 32,000 sq ft, and in Redditch they’ll have less than 18,000 sq ft, which is a useful reminder that the right space for a business doesn’t have to mean more space.”

The increased focus on health, diet and nutrition has boosted BioCare’s sales in recent weeks, and the company hopes that such lifestyle awareness lasts beyond lock-down.

“Supplement demand has certainly increased as consumers look to boost their immune system during this current situation, Vitamin C for example sold out in the first few weeks, we have however been able to source and manufacture new supplies,” says Emma.

“The warehouse at Kings Norton is still operating, although we’ve split our previous single shift system into two to provide the required social distancing for everyone.”