Colliers International in partnership with RICS introduce real estate’s first truly international graduate scheme

From left to right: Davoud Amel-Azizpour Colliers, CFO EMEA; Mo Karim, Colliers, Head of People Transformation; Blane Sweeney, Partner Development Manager RICS; Chris McLernon, Colliers, CEO EMEA; Oliver Woodhead, RICS Commercial Director; Sasha Richards, Colliers, EMEA Talent Manager; and Nash Hammond, Colliers, Next Generation Development Manager.

Leading global real estate services and investment management, Colliers International, in partnership with RICS, have announced that they are to launch real estates’ first truly international graduate scheme.

“Our EMEA Graduate Programme will allow us to accelerate our ability to grow a pipeline of talent that is truly international in their thought process, increase cross border collaboration and strengthen relationships in different countries. Ultimately it will improve our ability to provide a seamless service across the region to our clients.” said Chris McLernon, Colliers’ EMEA CEO. “This is one in a series of investments we are making as part of our successful EMEA People Transformation Programme and a great opportunity to partner with RICS. Both Colliers and RICS share a desire to develop grass roots talent and support and recognise the strategic value the next generation can bring to the sector.”

Colliers’ EMEA Graduate Scheme aims to attract, recruit and develop graduates and give them opportunity to work in six markets – UK, France, Germany, Poland Denmark and the UAE – whilst they train to achieve their MRICS designation; an internationally recognised qualification in real estate and construction. Applications will be open in September 2020 and the first intake will begin in September 2021.

“The next generation are looking for new opportunities in their career choices, the ability to gain international exposure being high on their list of priorities,” said Mo Karim, EMEA Head of People Transformation. “From a people perspective, this programme sets us apart from our competitors and helps to build our appeal as an employer of choice.”

For the initial pilot cohort, all graduates will undertake the Commercial Property Pathway of RICS. A key component of this programme’s appeal will be the opportunity to train our graduates virtually. Due to the partnership with RICS, the candidates will have access to their newly launched Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) training platform and APC Accelerated Learning Programme. This training will provide a truly international, distance learning experience and ensure the candidates build an internal network. Where necessary, face to face training will also be built into the programme.

Judith Gabler, RICS Operations Director, Europe concluded: “The EMEA graduate programme will equip early career professionals with the technical and ethical skills to address the challenges facing our global real-estate markets. We are proud to partner with Colliers International to ensure our profession stays connected, vibrant, and attractive for future talent.”