FOR Cardiff responds to Cardiff Council Transport White Paper

In response to Cardiff Council’s Transport White Paper issued this week, Adrian Field, Executive Director of FOR Cardiff said:

“There are many positive proposals in the White Paper for businesses to be hopeful about. It’s clear that Cardiff’s transport infrastructure is not fit for purpose, so doing nothing or tinkering around the edges isn’t an option at this stage. Businesses rely on the ability for employees to get to and from work quickly and conveniently to operate efficiently. We need a transport infrastructure which will entice inward investment, encourage staff retention and recruitment and ensures that visitors have a pleasant all round experience, which isn’t plighted by any transport woes.

“We welcome Cllr Wild’s comments that ‘road user charging isn’t the only option available to raise money’ and that they will be looking at other options in a business case. We are reassured that no charge will be put in place until a business case is completed, taking all options into consideration, and that alternative travel options will need to be in place before a charge is introduced.

“City centre businesses who are part of FOR Cardiff will be eager to continue to have their say on the detail of any suggestions of workplace parking levies and congestion charges to ensure that it helps the economy and supports employees, customers, tourists and locals alike with the undeniable desire for all to improve air quality in the city.”