New IFA launches in Telford

A financial advisor has launched his own business in Shropshire after becoming a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society.

Gavin Roberts, of Chartered Independent, who has spent the last 12 years within the finance industry, said it was the perfect time to become an Independent Financial Advisor as he believed to give customers access to the best services, he needed to be able to consider products from the whole of the market.

Mr Roberts, from Horsehay in Telford, said he was both chartered and an independent advisor so he could offer the best possible options for his clients. The father-of-three said finances played a huge part in everybody’s life and it was vital that the best advice was given for investments and for the security of their future.

“More and more people are using Independent Financial Advisors as they want access to the whole market rather than just the products of one company.

“Many people would say it was a brave decision to leave a secure job in the current economic climate but my passion for my job and what I should be able to offer was stronger than any reservations I might have had,” the 34-year-old said.

“I have a very strong background in finance as I have followed in my father’s footsteps who is also an Independent Financial Advisor.”

Mr Roberts, who graduated from the Personal Finance Society with a Fellowship in London last month, said people often believed seeing a financial advisor costs money but he said it has often saved a customer thousands of pounds.

“It’s essential that clients get value for money, and the key to that is matching the service they get with their needs.

“For example people often do lots of research when they first deposit money in an ISA but then do not review that when the fixed-period ends despite the fact they are then only getting the minimum interest such as 0.2 per cent when they could be earning much more,” Mr Roberts said.

“An annual review can pay for itself by ensuring savings are in the right place at the right time, or even just by ensuring that any changes in circumstances are taken into account.

“But much larger investments often need close monitoring and not everyone has the time to do that themselves.”

Mr Roberts said the industry for IFAs was changing rapidly but he has made it his number one priority to ensure he offers a high standard of service.

“The number of financial advisors with fellowships is reducing as older people who have taken the time to reach such a level are retiring from the industry.

“I am proud to hold such a qualification and look forward to working with people and business owners across Shropshire,” he added.

He said he has already got clients all over the county and surrounding counties and is hoping his business will be such a success he will be able to expand and offer employment opportunities to others in the future.