Q&A with Simon Davis – Co-founder of Nimbus® Maps

Nimbus® Maps is the most comprehensive, powerful, cloud-based off-market site search and property intelligence platform in the industry. Co-founder Simon Davis answers your questions about Nimbus® Maps in this video:

What is Nimbus® Maps?

“Nimbus® Maps is an aggregation of huge amounts of data regarding properties – and the people around those properties – developed for the property profession to allow them to see, and visualise this, on an easy to use Google based, mobile-friendly platform.”

Who is Nimbus® For?

“Nimbus® Maps is for anybody that works in and around property. Whether that’s in their profession as a surveyor, agent, an investor or developer – or whether that’s people who have property on their balance sheet and they need to know what they own, even if they’re a trading company such as a pub company. It just saves huge amount of time, which could’ve taken in the past days or weeks and it cuts it down to a few hours, if not minutes.”

What Problems/Challenges Does Nimbus® Maps Solve?

“Nimbus® Maps solves the huge amount of time wasted in the industry in finding the right deals, and transacting on those deals, whether that’s acquiring sites; selling sites; developing sites. It allows the user to do better deals, in less time, and with less risk.”

How Can Data Be So Powerful?

“The property industry is all about relationships and in effect we’ve created those relationships in the data to allow users to be able to interrogate that – either through themselves or through Bespoke work packages we do. The human brain is not capable of retaining those sorts of relationships, so the combination of the human plus the IT allows them to do things they’ve never been able to do before – again producing better quality deals, in less time, with less risk.”

Does It Really Provide the Accuracy and Intelligence Professionals Need?

“The data that we use is the most accurate and advanced in the marketplace. It comes from many government sourced data sets such as the Land Registry, Valuation Office, Environment Agency, Listed Buildings, data comes from English Heritage. So, it is by far the most accurate data out there and the most comprehensive dataset for professionals.”

Why are there two versions, Essentials and Elite?

“We created Nimbus® Maps Essentials given that anybody working in the industry should have this data as an absolute minimum to do their job. We decided that everyone in the organisation, in and around those transactions, need to have access to this data so we made it free and gave it the wider industry. The Elite package is for those property professionals that need to take a more detailed dive into the information about a property – or people the around it. And so therefore, we created two versions.”

What is the Nimbus® Bespoke service?

“Nimbus® Bespoke allows clients through our Data Scientist to create a more filtered output, more bespoke filtered output of the data, to allow them to create reports and information that is perhaps a bit more tailored to their needs. Examples of that is: Automatic Valuation Modelling, Scaled Site Finding, Topographical Surveys and Sales Analysis Reporting.”

Do more deals

“As property professionals, we got extremely frustrated with the huge amounts of time wasted in trying to find the right transactions at the right price. Born from these frustrations, we developed Nimbus® Maps to dramatically reduce those inefficiencies – and save a huge amount of time and money. Nimbus® allows professionals to do much better-quality deals in considerably less time, with huge amounts of less risk.”