Allied London affirms ambitions for XYZ, Spinningfields

Developer Allied London has affirmed its ambitious plans to bring a brand new workspace ecosystem to the heart of Spinningfields.

The XYZ Building, launching in Spinningfields in 2016, will be the most aspirational place to do business in Manchester and will set a new standard for future work/life developments globally.

The 160,000 sq. ft. space has been designed in its entirety to ensure that the businesses that will eventually occupy XYZ achieve, collaborate and flourish through the use of flexible features and cutting-edge workspace technology.

The landmark project is the product of more than two years’ of planning and research and it will be a further 12 months before the construction of XYZ is complete. However, Allied London bosses are keen to begin building the XYZ community and will launch the first public interface with the XYZ brand – the XYZ Studio, this October.

Construction will begin shortly and once complete, the XYZ Studio will have its own dedicated events team and inspiring events programme that will help set the tone for the “XYZ way.”

The XYZ events will bring together the beginnings of what the XYZ community is to become and will help establish the XYZ Building as a new city centre landmark.

Allied London CEO Michael Ingall said: “With a rich history of creating workspace under its belt, Allied London knows a thing or two about building innovative working environments – but XYZ is in a different league.
“The culmination of more than two years’ of planning and research, XYZ is taking shape. The core of the building which connects XYZ’s ten floors can now be seen rising from the ground in the heart of Spinningfields.

“Forging its way as a building that provides an ecosystem for new ways of working, XYZ will be many things: experimental, innovative, pioneering, flexible, bold, and collaborative.

“It will be a crucible for ideas and a melting pot for creative thinking – much more than bricks and mortar. It is a truly novel concept which will set the bar for future work/life developments globally and provide the perfect environment for collaborating, learning and innovating.”

Allied London is dedicated to and experienced in the delicate art of place-making. XYZ, Spinningfields will continue to be carefully maintained by Allied London throughout its life to cultivate the kind of working environment that sees those who are a part of the XYZ community contributing to and engaging with their 9-5 home on a regular basis.

With more than 30,000 sq. ft. of public amenity space including cafes, restaurants, meeting spaces, a bike park, leisure facilities, indoor gardens and a wellbeing centre, XYZ will provide a vibrant and stimulating workplace that will further enhance the Spinningfields’ offering.