BAE Systems to train apprentices for engineering and manufacturing companies in the Solent

BAE Systems is supporting the growth of engineering and manufacturing businesses in the Solent through the Government funded Employment Ownership Programme (EOP) aimed at increasing the number of apprenticeships and raising high level engineering skills.

In addition to BAE Systems’ intake of 100 apprentices to its Maritime Services business, the Company will also support the recruitment and training of 20 apprentices on behalf of local employers. The activity follows a similar successful scheme at BAE Systems’ military aircraft apprentice training school in Preston.

Starting this September, apprentices will complete a four year Advanced Apprenticeship in Engineering, preparing them for a wide range of roles including electrical and mechanical fitters, welders, fabricators, outfitters, pipe workers and joiners. The new apprentices will spend their first 12 months at the BAE Systems’ Skills Development Centre at HM Naval Base Portsmouth, learning the skills they will need to perform in their roles.

Local employers interested in taking on an apprentice are still able to sign up to the programme, making them eligible to benefit from the Company’s latest recruitment drive and award-winning training. To date, more than 540 young people have applied for a Solent-based apprenticeship in BAE Systems’ largest ever early careers recruitment campaign.

Nick Sibley, Engineering Director at BAE Systems Maritime Services said: “One of the biggest threats to the UK’s competitiveness is the shortage of skilled engineers. Boosting the supply of future engineers through apprenticeships is essential if the sector is to succeed, and if the Government is to achieve its vision of rebalancing the UK economy towards manufacturing.

“The Employer Ownership Programme plays an important part in the future of UK engineering. BAE Systems’ award-winning apprenticeship programmes will continue to provide the next generation with the skills they need to start their career in engineering.”