Derbyshire training specialist to speak at Europe’s premiere conference

Mary Sisson, Director of Repton-based Awbery Management Centre, an accredited specialist in the design and delivery of leadership and management, HR and coaching solutions, is Paris-bound following an invitation to speak at Europe’s leading conference for coaching professionals.

The prestigious annual European Mentoring and Coaching Research Conference takes place at Cerby Pontoise University in Paris on the 26th and 27th June, and is expected to draw delegates from across Europe with a programme of keynote speakers, workshops and masterclass.

Mary, who has over twenty years’ experience in business development and training and a Masters level research into the development of a coaching culture, has been invited to the Conference to showcase Awbery’s research into and the evaluation of a Coaching and Mentoring model in the Housing Sector.

At the 4th Annual European Coaching and Mentoring Research Conference, she will be speaking alongside Professor David Megginson, Founder and current Ambassador at European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

“The focus of the research was to explore the benefit of strategically aligning coaching and mentoring within an organisation’s business strategy and to establish if the effectiveness and benefit of coaching and mentoring could be evaluated and measured,” Mary explains. “This latter point was particularly important given a recent Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) survey across all sectors, that whilst it was agreed that coaching and mentoring was beneficial, only 39 percent of the respondents undertake specific evaluation of coaching interventions.

“Awbery Management Centre was invited to speak at the Conference and I am really looking forward to sharing the leading edge research and its findings,” adds Mary.

The research was carried out over a year long project and concluded this month with an evaluative consultation. The project involved the testing of a seven stage model, based on Mary’s Masters Level research into coaching and mentoring cultures. The model examined and tested the positioning of coaching and mentoring within wider organisational talent strategies, examined the development of core skills, use of a pairing and matching strategy, the need for supervision and support, the benefit of networking, and the development of, and use of tailor-made toolkits to support the coaching and mentoring activity.