Equestrian centre jumps in size

Parley Equestrian Centre has opened a brand new riding arena, which ultimately will be indoors so horses and trainers can practise whatever the weather.

The surface covers almost 13,000 square feet (2,400 square metres) and supplements the bigger, outdoor manege that is used for competitions.

Large investment has seen the Dorset centre expand rapidly and it now has over 100 horses, including 13 full liveries, over 50 DIY liveries and more than 30 grass liveries.

It added 16 extra stables just before Christmas bringing the total to almost 70, and more are planned to cope with the demand.

When the new school has its roof added no amount of heavy rain will stop riders enjoying the finest facilities.

The surface is composed of specially designed materials that provide the best conditions for horses.

Parley Equestrian Centre opposite Bournemouth Airport is the biggest of its type in the area and its reputation is growing rapidly.

Jane Wyatt, who manages the centre and has taken two horses to victory in the national Horse of the Year competition, said: “The indoor school will really set us apart.

“The first stage of construction is now complete and when it is covered it will be of great benefit to everyone.

“Horses will then be able to practise jumping, dressage or anything else on a super surface and out of the way of the elements.

“This winter has been awfully wet and to have an indoor facility will make a massive difference.

“The new school will really enhance what we can offer and shows how determined and ambitious we are.”

The centre holds regular showjumping and dressage events and after its launch in 2009 has grown with astonishing speed.