September RPI figure announced – GL Hearn looks at impact on Uniform Business Rates for 2014

GL Hearn have produced a briefing paper looking at the impact of the September RPI figure on Uniform Business Rate bills for 2014.

This year’s RPI is above that from last September and there has been considerable comment and lobbying from business and trade bodies for there to be a freeze or capping of the UBR. There have also been calls for the Minster to consider either linking the increase to an average of RPI or some other measure such as the Consumer Prices Index (CPI). GL Hearn have been lobbying the Minister on this issue Andrew Hetherton who is head of business rates at GL Hearn and President of the rating surveyors’ association would be happy to provide additional comment on this issue.

You can download the briefing paper here: RPI Briefing Paper GL Hearn – October 2013.