Forum finds culture as important as finance in driving innovation

A debate involving HR specialists, business leaders and professional advisers from the East Midlands found the key to successfully driving business innovation is to give employees with entrepreneurial flair a ‘safe’ environment and effective engagement to support their talent and creativity.

The views and ideas were discussed at a recent Talent Forum, the third in a series hosted by leadership and management development organisation Awbery Management Centre of Repton, Derbyshire,

The Forum, held in Nottingham, set-out to answer ‘How best to engage talent to drive innovation?’ and was led by Awbery’s head of Strategic HR Services, Jane Rawden and facilitated by David Holmes of Transformational Leadership Group, a former Business Coach to The Body Shop founder Anita Roddick.

“From our debate, it would seem that culture and values within an organisation and its management team are as essential as financial investment in the business if innovation is to succeed,” says Jane Rawden.

“In order to effectively engage employees and invest in these bright and creative individuals, an organisation must seek to find a balance between management and innovation, by creating a ‘top down’ innovative culture and a relationship that is based on shared values and effective communication.”