Consumer Energy Solutions marks major milestone

A SWANSEA-BASED consumer energy efficiency company is marking a major milestone as it fits its 30,000th solar panel since it began installations just two years ago.

Consumer Energy Solutions (CES) supports customers in energy-proofing their homes to reduce their carbon footprint and ultimately, their energy bills. The company, which has permanent bases in South Wales, North Wales, West Wales and Exeter, began installing solar PV as a single measure through the Local Authority Delivery Scheme (LADs) in autumn 2021, before introducing them as double measures with loft insulation and as part of a multiple measure whole house approach through the government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) in 2022.

CES currently employs over 500 staff who undertake the installations, from solar PV installers, to roofers, heating engineers and electricians, alongside the management team based at its Swansea headquarters.

Working with a selection of products and manufacturers, including Swanson McKay, Greentech, CEF and UKPS, CES can tailor its offering to suit homeowners and has successfully implemented cost-effective energy-saving measures to over 8,000 homes across the UK. Of these customers, 2,800 had solar PV roof installations, which were paid for entirely with government backed grants sourced by CES.

To ensure the company’s workforce remains foremost in its field and to meet consumer demand, CES recently invested £0.5 million on a dedicated training facility in Cardiff for all solar and renewable heating training, as well as offering full electrical and health and safety qualifications to all installers.

Sam Wilson, Head of Solar at Consumer Energy Solutions, said: “As a business we only started installing solar panels in late 2021 and in that time, we have installed 30,000 units via just over 2,800 projects. We are proud to reach this milestone and thank our entire team of energy efficiency professionals who work together to identify opportunities and carry out the energy-saving modifications needed for each property.

“Coming into winter, we appreciate home-owners will be more mindful of turning the lights or heating on and we are committed to supporting anyone concerned about their energy usage.”