Gloucestershire Airport submits updated masterplan for its proposed new business park development

Karen Taylor, Gloucestershire Airport’s Interim Managing Director. Image: Rob Lacey Photographer.

Gloucestershire Airport has submitted changes to the masterplan detailed in its outline planning application for a proposed new commercial development on land between Anson and Meteor business parks – known as CGX Connect Business Park.

These amendments were made after the airport team took into consideration feedback provided by interested parties from on and around the airport site with whom it continued to engage after lodging the original application with Tewkesbury Borough Council in August 2020.

“The main change we’ve made is to move the southern boundary of the original development that was proposed,” explains Karen Taylor, Gloucestershire Airport’s Interim Managing Director. “While this reduces the total area of the site to 5.9 hectares, the proposed development would generate around 30,000 sqm of gross floor space for commercial-use with potential to deliver around 1,520 new employment opportunities.”

Confirmation of these amendments to the original planning application comes immediately after the joint shareholders of the airport – Cheltenham Borough and Gloucester City Councils – announced that they will provide funds to help enable the delivery of runway and critical capital improvements at the airport.

“Economic recovery post-Covid is vital, particularly at a time when tighter restrictions continue to limit activity and fuel fears of renewed economic downturn into 2021. The improvements this funding will enable, together with the delivery of CGX Connect Business Park, are key to securing the airport’s future as a sustainable business”, Ms Taylor explains. “Together they form part of our long-term strategy to drive investment into the airport to develop facilities and services for the benefit of the businesses that operate from the airfield and their customers.”

“It’s therefore been really important to us that in delivering CGX Connect we’re delivering a scheme that creates opportunity for tenants and businesses already operating from our airfield”, she continues. “We’ve therefore continued to work with our tenants to make sure the masterplan for this scheme has been shaped to ensure we’re also giving their businesses a real leading edge.”

“Ultimately business growth at the airport means more choice and better services for existing airport users and will encourage individuals and businesses from across the region to realise the value of having a regional airport they can use for business and leisure right on their doorstep.”

Amendments to the original application will still see new commercial and industrial units along with associated office space comprise much of the new development which is located within the existing boundaries of the airport. The new business park would sit on land to the north of the airport site and replace the northern end of the north/south runway.