Lettings leaves trading estate close to fully let

An Avonmouth trading estate has gone from half empty six months ago to almost completely full following the lettings by Knight Frank, Jones Lang LaSalle and Williams Gunter Hardwick of five units. Just 10 per cent of St Andrews Trading Estate off Third Way now remains vacant.

Unit 1, totalling 16,703 sq ft has been let to Contemporary Oak Furniture Ltd on a 10 year lease. Units 14, 15 and 16, totalling 22,986 sq ft have been let to Elliot Baxter & Co. on a 10 year lease, while the 7,767 sq ft Unit 17 has been let to Napit Training South West Ltd on a straight 10 year lease.

Nick Thurston of Knight Frank, which markets the estate jointly with Jones Lang LaSalle and Williams Gunter Hardwick, said: “Commercial Estates Group has invested in a refurbishment programme that has proved attractive to a number of companies looking for new premises in the area. St Andrews has been one of the top three best-performing estates in the Avonmouth area for lettings in recent months.”