Juice bar dream comes to fruition at Hamilton House, Bristol

A long-standing vision for a juice bar to operate from a multi-use building at the heart of Bristol has finally come to fruition.

Big Juice Ltd, which has been operating from the city’s St Nicholas Market for some 20 years, and also has a thriving on-line business, has opened a new bar on the ground floor of Hamilton House in Stokes Croft.

Big Juice Ltd is run by partners Harri Grewal and John Le Fevre, who pride themselves on providing raw, natural and pure products.

Harri explained: “Hamilton House came to us and asked us if we would consider opening a bar on the ground floor there.

“The owner had always wanted a juice bar, so we came and saw the space available and thought it would be ideal for us. We opened earlier this month.

“It’s a fantastic location in the heart of the community, and we have lots of exciting ideas for the future. We’re delighted to be here.”

The Big Juice Bar offers freshly-prepared juices and smoothies, intense juice therapy shots – which have therapeutic, healing and nutritional properties – and many other natural products.

Harri said: “We have created all our own recipes to offer a truly unique experience of flavours, using a wide cross-section of ingredients to help maximise nutritional benefits to your body, as well as being delicious.

“All our juices are available to order online along with juice plans which we have created, focusing on providing the body with a boost of nutrition. By delivering our juices across UK this has allowed us to offer our products to others outside of Bristol too. We aim to provide an easy, convenient and healthy option available to everyone at home.”

“We don’t add water to the juices, we ensure everyone receives pure juice. Whether you are looking to cleanse, detox or simply treat your body, we have a plan that can work for you.

“If you just want a tasty treat, we have everything from green smoothies and green juices to yoghurt smoothies and nut mylks.

“We have also done all the hard work of growing and juicing to provide the best wheatgrass possible, grown using organic wheat and grain under natural sunlight.

“If you want your daily green shot, come visit us at Hamilton House we cut, juice and serve you wheatgrass juice on order. You will not get fresher than that. If you are looking for delivery, our frozen wheatgrass shots are perfect. We ensure that each shot is frozen within minutes of juicing.”

The business is also proud of its climate-friendly practices; from the use of plant-based cups (which it has been doing since 2003), lids and straws, to ensuring that all food waste is separated and converted to energy, and all cardboard is recycled.

Harri said: “Our new bar at Hamilton House gives us the right amount of space that we need to deliver everything we want to, and we are looking forward to becoming a big part of the community here at Hamilton House and in the surrounding area.”

Hamilton House is a multi-use building owned by Connolly & Callaghan.

Andrew Baker, Head of Social Enterprise, said: “The late Martin Connolly had a clear vision of what he wanted to see here at Hamilton House, and a quality juice bar was very much part of that.

“It’s taken years to realise that vision and while Martin is sadly no longer with us, I am sure he would have been delighted to see the opening of the Big Juice bar.

“It’s occupies a prime position in the building and is a very welcome addition to the Hamilton House family. We’re excited to have them here and wish the Big Juice team every success.

“I have no doubt that the Big Juice bar will not just prove popular with the diverse range of people and organisations based in Hamilton House, but that it will also be an asset to the surrounding community.”