Carter Jonas welcomes new graduate recruits

Carter Jonas’ 2019 graduates

Carter Jonas, the national property consultancy, has welcomed 39 graduate and apprentice recruits this year, with the majority joining in September. The roles are across the firm’s 33 offices in its building surveying, commercial, planning, development, rural and infrastructure teams.

Mark Granger, Chief Executive, Carter Jonas, said: “We welcome the majority of our graduates in the autumn and it is extremely heartening to greet such a large group this year. These professionals will be given every opportunity to learn, grow and build a successful career representing the next generation of the property industry. Their passion, ambition and collective energy is an excellent addition to the business and each has a valuable role to play in helping to shape its future.”

The 2019 intake includes:

Jack Baker Building Surveying
Georgina Johnson Building Surveying
Craig Wilcox Building Surveying
Ben Wilson Building Surveying
Alfie Agnew Commercial
Sam Bellamy Commercial
Julia Bolton-Smith Commercial
Rob Friskney Commercial
Lucy Anne Johnson Commercial
Jamie Kelly Commercial
George Killen Commercial
Roland Leitch Commercial
Fleur Powlson Commercial
Wil Prytherch Commercial
Archibald Rettie Commercial
James Stephenson Commercial
Alex Thompson Commercial
Jordan Branson Infrastructures
Bethan Dennis Infrastructures
Alastair  Dyer Infrastructures
Alexander Ireton Infrastructures
Thomas-Paul Marsh Infrastructures
Jack Pocklington Infrastructures
Tom Scruby Infrastructures
Robert Spencer Infrastructures
Sian Strawbridge Infrastructures
James Ellis Planning & Development
Leo Goodman-Jones Planning & Development
Richard Lundy Planning & Development
Charlotte Wetherall Planning & Development
Henry Atkinson Rural
Harry Davies Rural
Harriet Featherstone Rural
Alexander Heath Rural
Jessica Heywood Rural
Thomas Hind Rural
Sean Penellum Rural
Emma Savage Rural
Emily Stone Rural