Worshipful Company of Chartered Surveyors installs new top team to lead changing decade

L-R John Woodman, Digby Flower, Ken Morgan and James Bryer

The Worshipful Company of Chartered Surveyors has installed Digby Flower, Cushman & Wakefield UK & Ireland Chair, as its Master, along with prominent industry figures John Woodman as Senior Warden, Ken Morgan as Junior Warden and James Bryer as Renter Warden.

The City of London-based Livery Company supports the governance of the City, the election and activities of the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs, promotes links with other organisations engaged with the property industry, and funds several bursaries and sponsorships. The Company has launched a 10-year plan with a strong emphasis on engaging a younger audience and increasing diversity and access within the surveying and wider property industry.

Senior Warden, John Woodman, who is senior partner at Malcolm Hollis, explains: “We are already seeing a wider level of diversity of people coming into surveying, but there is definitely more that can be done to open up the profession to school leavers and graduates who would not immediately consider this career path. It is going to be an exciting few years for the livery company and we look forward to bringing in younger members, as well as increasing our charitable giving. We will also continue to host memorable events that provide fun and fellowship – the hallmark of a good modern livery company.”

New Master, Digby Flower, says: “The new team of John, Ken, James and I are excited to be taking the Company forward and overcoming some of the key challenges facing, not just the surveying sector, but the whole of the property and construction industry. For the last four decades, our livery has made major contributions to the profession through education and training, particularly of apprentices, and made significant contribution to related charitable causes. We look forward to continuing these projects.”

Ken Morgan is investment director at Aston Rose, whilst James Bryer is Partner at HP Four.