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Let’s have a show of hands… how many of you use Land Registry to get your ownership details and title plans? Right, a good few of you – figures suggest about 50 million people per year! Do you find it a fun, easy process – or is it the definition of laboriousness? For example, is not being able to download multiple titles/plans a headache? Oh, and what about having to get your credit card out for each title? The maps, is having to often buy multiple sets of titles/plans, wasting time and money, doing your head in? And don’t get started on the vagaries of trying to find a site without a post code…

There is a better way: Nimbus Maps. Log in. Search. Click. Save. Done. It’s that simple. 115 datasets overlaid onto Google Street Maps with easy-to-view site polygons, and the ability to save your favourites and build and save a Basket of titles/reports. We even give you the ownership, site size, and a host of other key intelligence (Land Registry, Companies House, The Environment Agency & Ordnance Survey, to name a few) for FREE. You can go as granular as your off-market searching needs. We can even create Bespoke Reports for scaled searching for you.

Stop wasting time and money, use Nimbus Maps!

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To get your free month on Nimbus Maps, contact Daniel Clements on: 0330 088 3513 or email him.