Singer Vielle launches a multi-language marketing website as foreign investment into the UK increases

Singer Vielle, recognised as leading innovation in the area of commercial property marketing, is taking yet another industry-leading step forward with the launch of a multi-language marketing website at the start of September.

“From the beginning of September the new marketing website will be live, developed in direct response to our growing international audience. Every property for sale will have the capability of being offered in Arabic, French, Hebrew, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Other languages will be added should the market so determine.”

In 2015, generated over 20% of hits from abroad, with the agency selling to investors in locations such as Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Greece and Israel, as examples.

“We commenced our technical development long before Brexit and the drop in the value of Sterling. Uniquely, we can now offer our clients a service whereby every sale can be marketed in multiple languages to help engagement. In addition, we can offer visibility at international domains such as (Spain), (Hong Kong), (South Africa), (Israel), etc”

Long gone are the days of effective marketing by whispering in a contact’s ear that a property can be purchased.

“Over 3 billion, of a world population of 7.24 billion, are internet users. Some 40% access from a mobile phone.

Over 2.3 billion use social media. 1 out of every 2 internet users are on YouTube. This is why we have for many years been building our online presence, leading rankings on Google, having a proven international reach. Creating a multiple language marketing site is just another obvious step forward.”- Neil Singer