intu Bromley attracts DFS with the opening of its second small format store

DFS has opened its second ever small-format store at intu Bromley, bringing together show rooming and state-of-the-art digital capability to target a high number of affluent customers in one of London’s largest shopping destinations.

A 10th of the size of DFS’s typical out-of-town format, the new 2,862 sq ft store offers customers a taster of the retailer’s full product range with the opportunity to digitally customise a piece of furniture’s material, shape and style.

intu Bromley was selected for the location of DFS’s second flagship store thanks to its annual footfall of 18 million and prosperous customer base, with 90% of shoppers drawn from the most affluent ABC1 socio-economic group across south London and Kent.

Tim Stacey, chief operating officer at DFS, said: “Opening DFS at intu Bromley is part of our trial of small format stores in densely populated urban locations. As a high-footfall destination shopping centre, intu Bromley is an ideal location for us to demonstrate how we can reach more consumers without cannibalising our larger retail park stores.”

The store opening follows increased level of demand from retailers and customers thanks to a refurbishment of intu Bromley. A new alfresco dining area overlooking Queen’s Garden in Bromley opens in July 2016.

Rebecca Ryman, regional director of intu, said: “intu Bromley’s refurbishment and revitalised mix of retailers is attracting a high number of affluent shoppers from further and for longer so this is exactly the right space for DFS to target customers with their flagship small format store.

“Our new dining area will make intu Bromley a vibrant place for both leisure and shopping and provide the perfect backdrop to welcome both regular and new customers, helping our retailers to thrive.”

Harvey Packfield acted for DFS.