Rapleys offers free help to flood victims

Following Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent announcement that businesses affected by flooding will get 100% business rates relief, commercial property and planning consultancy Rapleys is offering to help anyone in need of assistance in England to get the appropriate relief, completely free of charge

Alan Watson, Head of Rating at Rapleys said:

“The government’s plans, while short on detail, appear largely to be a re-announcement of the existing guidance that any business premises affected by flood damage which renders the premises incapable of occupation will qualify for 100% relief from business rates for a period up to three months from the date of the flood.

“In the event of flood damage being experienced, an application must be made immediately to the relevant local council.

“Rapleys is offering assistance free of charge to anyone in England who needs help in securing the relief on offer, and we would urge anybody who feels they might be entitled to a reduction to contact one of the Business Rates team.”