Rates Clock Ticking!

“The clock is ticking away to the new rates appeal deadline of 31 st March 2015, recently introduced by the Government”, says Andrew Kilpatrick of Kilpatrick & Co. “Businesses need to take urgent action because if a valid appeal has not been made before 1 st April 2015, your business could potentially miss out on 5 years of rates refunds. Appeals made after 1 st April 2015 will only qualify for rates savings from that date and will not get any savings for the period from 2010 to 2015”.

The property profession is warning businesses to beware of unscrupulous rating advisors, most of whom are already fast at work with the cold calling telesales outfits working overtime to sign up businesses throughout the country and their sales patter is very persuasive. However, many of these companies have a poor success rate of achieving rates savings.