Staffordshire personal injury solicitor sets up Twitter helpline

Adam Penn of Cannock and Lichfield law firm Ansons Solicitors has launched a free personal injury helpline via the social networking website Twitter.

@LegalTweetLine has been formed to help people obtain free and trustworthy advice relating to possible personal injury claims,” Adam commented. “I have specialised in helping people with their personal injury claims for over fifteen years and in my experience people are increasingly turning to the internet for information and to gain initial advice. 

“The aim of @LegalTweetLine is to provide a place on the internet where people, who may have a personal injury claim, can not only obtain free initial advice but also ask questions safe in the knowledge that the advice they receive is from a qualified and experienced personal injury solicitor,” said Adam.

Adam admitted that the thought of going to see a solicitor could be a daunting prospect for some people and that he hoped the Twitter helpline would encourage more people to gain legal advice.

Adam concluded:  “The @LegalTweetLine isn’t a replacement for obtaining comprehensive independent legal advice from a solicitor.  It is a new channel for people to use to gain initial advice before deciding whether it might be worth pursuing a claim.  And pursuing a personal injury claim is not just about seeking compensation, it can help to enforce changes to reduce the possibility of further accidents, and it also provides cover for any losses that may be incurred. Typically these include loss of earnings, travel expenses, medical fees, cost of medication, loss of holiday and any additional expenses that maybe incurred.”

The personal injury helpline can be found at