New HQ on Schedule as Steel Framework Starts to Take Shape

Construction of the prestigious West Brom building society head office is right on schedule with the building’s steel framework set to become a new ‘landmark’ on the West Bromwich skyline.

Work on the 500 tonne steel structure at Providence Place has begun and is scheduled to take a further 12 weeks to complete, along with the installation of concrete floors and staircases.

Mike Woolley, project manager for Capita Symonds, programme management consultants for the build, said: “With the steel framework going up it gives a whole new feel to the area and passers-by can imagine more easily the size of the building when complete and how it will shape the immediate landscape.

“The site has been changing day by day since the beginning of the year and I’m pleased to say, despite a wet and windy start to 2014, we are right on track.”

The build itself is being carried out by Thomas Vale Construction. Work started with the removal of 5,000 tonnes of material to reach the level where foundations could be laid. Concrete piling was then completed with 112 individual piles bored to a typical depth of 23 metres.

While the 70,000 sq ft building will not be finished until spring next year, planning to make it a smooth transition from the West Brom’s current head office on High Street to Providence Place is well advanced.

For example, discussions are already taking place to ensure a seamless transfer of the current IT system, with no disruption to the business or customers.

The new building will include state-of-the-art ventilation, heating and lighting control systems to minimise energy consumption.

Mike added: “The next few months will see the building ‘grow’ quite dramatically with the roof and parapet commencing in May.”