Colliers backing campaign to identify flood danger points

Residents and businesses have been urged to identify potential flooding troublespots across Bath and North East Somerset as part of a council investigation.
Council analysts seeking feedback from members of the public have issued a questionnaire due to close on December 31 regarding potential flooding dangers.
The B&NES initiative has been welcomed by James Edwards, planning consultant at Colliers International’s Bristol office, who says extensive liaison with businesses and individuals in the area over the years had demonstrated the importance of accurate flood forecasting and closer cooperation with the local authority.
He said: “As part of our normal planning duties we talk to firms and individuals across the region and it is clear many of them are keen to flag up flooding risks affecting their homes and businesses.
“We would urge people affected by flooding issues to let their local authority know about it so they can update their database and take action before it is too late.”
B&NES launched the appeal in response to the EU Floods Directive and the recent Flood and Water Management Act 2010.  The council is gathering   information about sources of flooding, contributory factors, the scale of damage in terms of cost and the physical disruption caused. 
James Edwards said: “Flooding is at the forefront of people’s minds at the moment with press coverage highlighting the plight of many areas that suffer the direct consequences of dramatically changing weather patterns.
“Information the council receives can help officers give due consideration to any necessary measures which could help prevent flooding.” 
The questionnaire, which can be completed online, will enable the council to update its information base identifying flood dangers in response to   planning applications across the area.
James Edwards said: “Councils rely on detailed Flood Risk Assessments to assist them in making strategic decisions about development. However, it is essential to keep broader information up to date to protect home owners and local businesses in the area.
“Colliers International’s extensive involvement in planning and development in the region ensures that they are constantly aware of the increasing importance of flood awareness and mitigation measures.
He concluded: “This is a great opportunity for us to work alongside the council in making a safer environment for businesses and residents alike.”