RNF Digital Innovation drives Bridgestone business success with high performance apps

Leamington-based RNF Digital Innovation is proving to be right on track for Bridgestone as the apps they developed help drive the tyre giant’s sales success.

The Firestone Tyre Pressure Calculator app for use by farmers and the Bridgestone Challenge app developed for use by Bridgestone’s sales teams, are delivering impressive results since being launched a couple of years ago.

Revolutionising Bridgestone’s sales force, assisting customers and helping to land new contracts, RNF Digital Innovation – located next to Bridgestone at the Pure Business Park in Leamington – is proving a major driving force for Bridgestone’s business.

The Firestone Tyre Pressure Calculator app is already proving an invaluable aid to farmers. It helps them to identify the correct pressure to set their tyres with benefits including reduced soil compaction, less wear and tear on their tyres and increased fuel economy.

Since its launch in 2011, the app has been downloaded 29,000 times at a rate of around 1,000 a month. It has also be used across 143 countries including Germany,France, Afghanistan and the Middle East.

The Bridgestone Challenge app is helping transform the way in which the company’s sales team works.

The app, used by all 40 of Bridgestone’s field sales staff, allows the user to calculate the true cost of tyres, and provides performance comparisons and reports, all on the user’s tablet device in front of the customer.

Andy Mathias, Bridgestone’s Product and Marketing Manager, said: “The Bridgestone Challenge app has revolutionised the way our sales teams work.

“Before the app, our sales staff were compiling their data using individual spreadsheets, but now they are able to access uniformal data from a variety of global locations including our own UK, Ireland and Scandinavian teams.

“It aids transparency and enables the fleet or commercial vehicle customer to make a really informed choice about the right tyre for them, on location. It’s making a huge difference on the ground and has helped us win two or three large fleet contracts.”

The success of the Challenge app has been recognised within the automotive industry, with a shortlisting for the Motor Transport Awards 2013. The tyre pressure calculator has also enjoyed industry acclaim, with the global farming community embracing the technology.

Barry Coleman, Bridgestone’s Product Manager for Northern Europe, said: “In the past, when farmers wanted to know what tyre pressure they should run at, tractor and tyre manufacturers tended to say ‘go and have a look at the technical data book’.

“Now they can put all the data into the Firestone Tyre Pressure Calculator and get the correct tyre pressure at the touch of a button. It’s quick, simple and easy to use and does what it says it does.

“We are getting really good feedback from those using it and it is clearly successful as our competitors are now trying to emulate us.”

Rob Mannion, RNF Digital Innovation’s Managing Director, said: “We are very pleased to see these two apps performing so well for Bridgestone and that they are proving to be a real asset in delivering direct, user friendly solutions for their staff and customers.

“The Firestone Tyre Pressure Calculator has enjoyed tremendous user engagement. The numbers of downloads and countries in which it’s being used highlights it as a perfect example of an app which supports a business customer base.

“It also showcases RNF Digital’s ability to deliver high end, mobile technology applications to the heart of a business and deliver real, tangible results to help take that business forward.”

RNF Digital Innovation is an award-winning, high-growth company providing mobile applications to help businesses realise the potential of mobile technology. For more information about RNF Digital and its portfolio of products visit www.rnfdigital.com