North Bristol becomes science and medical hotspot

SEGRO, Europe’s leading supplier of flexible business space, says North Bristol has become a significant hotspot for medical and scientific businesses and is seeing increased demand for space from medical companies on its parks.

Chris Davies, SEGRO Leasing Manager for the South West, said: “This part of North Bristol is rapidly becoming a specialist area. We have always seen that like-minded businesses prefer to operate alongside each other and that can be a significant boost for particular parks.

“At Emerald Park, one of four SEGRO locations around Bristol, we are seeing an increase in enquiries from science and medical businesses. We already have Medequip and the Blood and Transplant service from the NHS and it seems that the opening of the nearby Bristol and Science Park has attracted even more interest.

“At SEGRO we have high tech units as well as conventional storage and distribution units which are well suited to companies such as medical suppliers.  In addition SEGRO offers a wide range of services at its business parks. The two parks complement each other and it is great for jobs and for the economy of the area.”

Industrial property specialist Jonathan Allen of Colliers International said Emerald Park’s role as part of the SEGRO Bristolworks cluster of four estates was also helping to attract interest.

He said: “There is no doubt that if an area can become well-known for a particular type of business it will attract more of the same. But in today’s economy, businesses also need the flexibility to be able to expand and contract quickly and SEGRO offers that with a range of units around Bristol which operate together.

“Added to that the superb location of North Bristol, close to the motorway interchange, and you have a strong case for businesses to move in.”