GVA’s tyre-ing day helps keep Wales tidy

Commercial property adviser GVA has joined forces with environmental campaigners Keep Wales Tidy to improve the quality of the environment in Cardiff.

Staff from GVA assisted Keep Wales Tidy’s Tidy Towns project to perform valuable environmental improvement work in the woods close to Llanedeyrn Play Centre.
GVA came to help when they heard an abandoned ½ tonne dumper truck tyre needed to be relocated from the local woodland area.
The team, of Ruth Chaffer, Andrew Homer, Jayne McDonald and Ben Lewis, managed to excavate the massive tyre, and move it to the Llanedeyrn Play Centre. To make is safe for the children to play on, they had to dig a three foot trench for the tyre to sit it, and secure the tyre safely within it before painting it.
Once they’d satisfied themselves the tyre passed the fun test, they then brought the day to a close by installing some bat boxes in the woods which the children at the play centre had made. 
Andrew Homer says, “GVA have worked with Keep Wales tidy in the past through the Great Taff Tidy and other similar events so we were delighted to be able to help with this project.  It was something a little unusual and we certainly drew some attention from passers by.
“It was a great opportunity to assist cleaning up the local environment whilst also adding to the play centre facilities.
“We hope that the children at the play Centre enjoy decorating the tyre now it is in position.”