Midlands manufacturer reaches international milestone

A manufacturer of equipment for the education sector is now exporting to over 60 countries as far away as Australia and Singapore from its base in Staffordshire.

Bytronic Limited in Anglesey Court, Towers Business Park, Rugeley, exports the majority of its products and carries out research and development work after receiving expert advice from Baldwins accountants which has ten offices across the Midlands.

The company designs, manufactures and quality tests to ISO 9001 its products which are used by engineering students and lecturers in universities, higher education colleges and training centres across the world.

Rod Bellamy, director at Bytronic Limited, said the milestone figure had been reached by signing up with agents in Qatar, Iraq and Lithuania.

“We have agents in countries in Europe, Africa, the Gulf, Asia, Americas and Australia and our educational systems are mainly used by electrical engineers,” he said.

“Baldwins advice and guidance have been a great help to our business and has given us the confidence we need as a small business to take the business opportunities that, without their help, we would not have taken.

“We produce a wide range of products including Process Control, Automation, Control Systems and Electronics Labs.

“As far as training is concerned if a new lab has been created at a university or college, the lecturers may not have enough expertise to provide the education and training in these areas, so we bring in specialists instructors to provide the knowledge to enable the lecturers.

“We still continue to supply products to the UK market and maintain our close connections with several UK universities, for development, and the UK market is important to our business, but we now mainly export.

“It has been a roller-coaster in recent times for Bytronic, as the economy has changed and Baldwins has helped us enormously particularly in understanding the benefits of research and development tax credits. This has been an essential aid to us in being able to develop new products and allowed us to become a key manufacturer in the educational international market.

“Business is going well particularly in the Gulf States and Far Eastern countries.”

Robert Cockle, of Baldwins, said they had been working with Rod since 2004.

“We have been working with Bytronic Limited for a decade next year and it has been great to watch the company grow stronger every step of the way,” he said.

“Exporting is a key message from the government and for a small company to be sending their products to such far-flung places is testimony to their expertise and skill.

“We are here to offer advice in all financial areas for our clients as well as carrying out accounting to ensure they stay one step ahead of their competitors.”