Nantgarw contact centre announces new Network Rail contract

A Nantgarw-based company has secured a new contract with Network Rail, to configure the database systems for its level crossings

There are some 6,500 level crossings across Britain, many in rural areas on private land where users must operate the crossings themselves. As a key safety measure on these crossings, users must register with Network Rail and contact them before using crossings for the first time.

Network Rail has a vital database of authorised users and must regularly communicate with them by SMS, phone and email in order to keep registered users informed of safety issues, maintenance work and much more.

To manage this, Connect Assist has configured a sophisticated new customer relationship management (CRM) system for Network Rail, allowing the company to keep track of all of its outbound communications.

Network Rail chose to build the new database using Oracle RightNow as the CRM platform. It then selected Connect Assist to develop the system because it is one of the most experienced companies in the UK at configuring the Oracle RightNow CRM platform.

Connect Assist, a supplier of helplines and digital services, has seen rapid growth in the past year, with staff numbers increasing to 100 and turnover of over £3 million this year.

This is the latest corporate contract for Connect Assist, which also provides information services to Sussex Police and the Health for Work Adviceline

Patrick Nash, Chief Executive of Connect Assist, said:

“We’re delighted to announce this new partnership between Network Rail and Connect Assist. We have developed a market-leading expertise in the Oracle Right Now platform over seven years, so we were very pleased to put our skills to work for a national organisation so critical to the UK’s infrastructure.

“As a regular rail user myself, I am all too aware of the importance of safety on our rail network. We are proud that our work, however small, has made a contribution to the fantastic work Network Rail is doing in this area”