Pioneer Group appoints Carter Jonas as leasing agent on Teesside’s Wilton Centre

National property consultancy Carter Jonas, alongside Dodds Brown, has been appointed as leasing agent for Pioneer Group’s Wilton Centre, one of the largest R&D sites in Europe, and the proposed 148,000 sq ft Wilton Freeport Development scheme.

The Wilton Centre, located in Teesside, provides state-of-the-art facilities for research and development, along with a range of office spaces and laboratories. Established in 1975 as the headquarters for ICI’s Petrochemicals division, the site now spans over 75 acres and houses around 60 businesses, including some of the world’s top chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies, including Calysta, Micropore Technologies and Absolute Antibody.

The Wilton Centre offers 450,000 sq ft of contemporary office and lab space. The scheme, including the freeport development, is aimed at growing businesses seeking to harness the region’s legacy to create sustainable manufacturing practices for biotech products of the future and circular economy solutions for petrochemical products of the past.

In 2021, the Wilton Freeport Development, part of Teesside Freeport, was awarded specific financial incentives to attract cutting-edge start-ups and established companies in the biomanufacturing, biopharmaceuticals, and circular economy sectors. The North East of England is increasingly focused on sustainable processing and manufacturing technologies.

The new development will comprise 148,000 sq ft across five buildings. It is designed to provide a combination of high-end technical R&D/manufacturing units and incubator space, which will include labs and offices.

Matt Lee, Head of Science and Technology, Carter Jonas, said: “The Wilton Centre is renowned as the premier science park in the North East. For nearly 50 years, it has championed the development of businesses in the chemical, manufacturing, material, and life science industries. We know these sectors well and are uniquely positioned to add value to this exciting campus that boasts meaningful links to academics, researchers, governments, and pharmaceutical firms. Our specialist team of property professionals regularly collaborate with science and technology industries and have the added reach and exposure through our national expertise and regional network.”

Jeroen Houtzager, Director, Pioneer Group, said: “The North East has a strong heritage of ingenuity and innovation, much of it rooted in The Wilton Centre’s grand history. The sectors that have traditionally shaped the region’s sciences, chemicals and manufacturing legacy are now seeking new opportunities and sustainable processes. The Wilton Centre can provide the facilities and the network that allow these enterprises to focus on research and development fit for the contemporary life sciences, chemicals and manufacturing landscape. Partnering with Carter Jonas ensures companies in the area will find the optimal space that gives them the greatest chance to succeed.”