Work and health event in Coventry

A major project, which has helped businesses and their staff across Coventry stay healthy, has come to a successful close.

The Working Well in Coventry project has been delivered by the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce, working with the NHS and Coventry City Council.

In the past two years, the project has screened 2,337 individuals, held 96 health screening events and breakfast seminars and has provided help to 55 businesses in developing health related action plans.

The idea was to offer preventative and early diagnostics in the workplace in order to encourage healthier lifestyles.

Louise Bennett, chief executive of the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce, said: “The project has been a great success and has received some very positive feedback from the companies that have taken part as well as their staff.

“Not only has it had a positive effect on the businesses, there have been some very notable interventions with individuals which have seen them referred for further diagnosis and treatment which may have otherwise gone unnoticed.”

She added: “The project is now coming to a close but we would urge companies that wish to benefit from this kind of support to get in touch with the Chamber.”

One such company to benefit was Daly Engineering, which saw four staff referred to their GP after the screenings.

Peter Hucker, managing director of Daly Engineering, said: “None of these people would have gone to their GP or other healthcare provider if we hadn’t arranged for the screening.

“Two of the people with high blood pressure were smokers who have subsequently cut down. The two in need of physiotherapy knew that something was wrong and have now been treated but they needed a push in the right direction.

“Our involvement with Working Well in Coventry has certainly worked well for Daly’s – it has proved that prevention is better than cure.”

A Work and Health event is taking place at Coventry Transport Museum on Tuesday, March 19, with a host of national and regional figures including Louise Bennett, Dame Carol Black, David Frost and Martin Reeves.

For more information or to attend the event contact the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce on 024 7665 4321 or visit the chamber website at