Mobile Technology Helps Builders Impress On Site

Mobile technologies are ideal for the building industry with a high percentage of builders now using smart phones, iPhones, Android devices and Blackberrys to help them keep on top of customer inquiries, emails and ensure they are contactable on site.

So the arrival of computer tablets such as the ipad has heralded a new era in the way people use information technology (IT) and to remain at the forefront, HBXL has adapted its construction software packages to run on Windows-based tablets.

This means builders wanting to impress customers, project manage on site or make sure they are right up to speed with health and safety can take advantage of new technology that enables them to create quick quotes or health and safety paperwork literally on site.

Core products such as EstimatorXpress, Health & Safety Xpert and ProjectXpert are three software packages from HBXL that can run on Windows-based tablet devices so that builders who want to produce estimates in front of customers’ eyes or check the health and safety ‘on the fly’ as they go round site can now do so.

Previously, software usage would require trips back to the office in order to create an estimate, to update health and safety paperwork or alter the project management timeline which invariably meant extra time spent on the job.

Anthony Botibol, marketing manager at HBXL now believes even more time can be saved producing estimates or health and safety paperwork while either impressing customers or keeping the health and safety executive at bay!

Anthony said: “The onset of new tablet PCs that can run full Microsoft Windows and Office packages, has transformed the way many of us now use IT.

“The popularity of iPad and Android devices is growing, but many studies have questioned their benefit for business use. Tablets however have been proven to add real business value to all types of industries as they allow full business software packages to run seamlessly.

“Importantly for builders this allows for the use of HBXL software on site. It’s another example of how HBXL is constantly looking to evolve and provide builders with the most up-to-date techniques to the way they operate.”

When you look at how HBXL’s software might be used in this way it’s easy to see why Anthony is getting excited.

With EstimatorXpress it will enable builders to not only provide quick quotes on site but show customers examples of previous jobs, log onto product supplier websites and provide a level of professionalism rarely seen on customer visits.

While visiting a customer with a tablet running EstimatorXpress builders simply input dimensions into the software while measuring up to produce an instant quote. The builder can then go back to the office and finish it off but would have already impressed the customer by giving them a ballpark figure there and then!

In addition they can connect to the internet while visiting a customer and run through different types of doors, windows, bricks on product websites rather than the old hat way of digging out and thumbing through the chewed up brochure from the back of the van.

With Health & Safety Xpert there are a variety of uses for using it on a tablet, not least the ability to go round a site and add information to risk assessments and management documents in real time.

It will allow users to, for example, create permits, use it for staff to read site inductions or fill out site registers. Wireless connectivity to an on site printer will allow users to print documents if required for signature, and when site specific method statements are required it pays to be on site when filling out the necessary observations.

For those who use ProjectXpert, HBXL’s project management software, using it on a tablet means they can easily update the project process on site as and when build phases are complete.

Anthony added: “When you look at how our software can be used on site with this type of technology it’s easy to see how it will help builders with the day-to-day work.

“Not only will it impress hugely, it will cut down further the time it takes to produce estimates, keep up to speed on health and safety and maintain tight control on project management tasks.”