Flexible Space Association surpasses 1,000 locations milestone

The Flexible Space Association (FlexSA) has announced that its membership has grown to over 1,000 flexible workspace locations across the UK. This 1,000-location milestone demonstrates the fast-growing demand for flexible workspace solutions in the modern business landscape, with members such as x+why, YoooServ, Cubo Work and Square Works Bristol all joining this year as figures from The Instant Group report that UK flexible workspace occupancy rates hit a record high in 2022, standing at 83% at the end of the year.

Rupert Dean, Co-Founder and CEO of x+why, comments, “As a member of FlexSA, x+why is thrilled to see the organization surpass the impressive milestone of 1,000 locations. This is a testament to the rapid growth of the flexible workspace market, which is estimated to grow by 600% by 2030. We are proud to be part of this exciting industry and look forward to continuing our partnership with FlexSA to drive innovation and create even more opportunities for businesses to thrive in flexible workspaces.”

FlexSA is the trade association for the UK flexible workspace industry. Its members include flexible workspace operators, and the providers of services to the sector, who work together to support, promote and advance the industry. Its largest members include Landmark, Orega, TOG, Newflex and Clockwise. The association provides a platform for collaboration and networking, as well as advocacy, lobbying and research.

“We are thrilled to reach this milestone of over 1,000 locations amongst our membership,” said Jane Sartin, Executive Director of FlexSA. “This is a testament to the growing recognition of the value of flexible workspace solutions in today’s business environment, and the support the Flexible Space Association offers the sector. FlexSA is committed to promoting the industry through advocacy, research and education. As with all trade associations, the larger our membership , the stronger we are.”

The flexible workspace industry has experienced rapid growth in recent years as more companies recognize the benefits of flexible work arrangements.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also accelerated this trend, as many businesses now require more flexible workspace solutions for their employees. IWG reports that 88% of companies are planning a full shift to flexible working.

This year’s Flexible Space Association’s Conference and Exhibition is taking place at etc.venues’ County Hall conference centre in central London on Tuesday 23 May 2023

“The pandemic significantly changed how people work, and we expect to see continued growth in the flexible workspace industry,” added Sartin.

“Flexible workspace solutions are essential for businesses looking to adapt to changing market conditions, grow and attract top talent. FlexSA is proud to be at the forefront of this industry and to support our members in providing the best possible solutions for their clients.”