Huckletree opens Web3 HQ putting London’s West End at the forefront of Britain’s tech superpower ambitions

Huckletree, the UK’s leading independent coworking provider, is opening London’s first dedicated hub for tech companies pioneering Web3 solutions. The opening of the hub aligns with the UK Government’s efforts to establish Britain as a global tech powerhouse.

Huckletree Oxford Circus, will provide 22,000 square feet of space for companies involved in industries like digital fashion, and blockchain technology – markets that have seen exponential growth over the last five years and are at the heart of the UK Government’s ambitions to transform Britain into a technology superpower.

Situated at 213 Oxford Street in London’s West End, Huckletree Oxford Circus, will feature state-of-the-art facilities. Bespoke demo spaces will allow companies involved in the development of the metaverse to trial new technologies and products, while an NFT gallery will allow global artists to showcase their work. An ecosystem approach has also been taken during the design of the new hub, where terraces and other open spaces allow for Web3 experts to come together, collaborate and share knowledge.

Members at Huckletree Oxford Circus include Web3 disruptors Surreal DB, investors betting on the new world of web like MassMutual Ventures and Project A, and immersive wellness players Haven and FivePointFive.

Gabriela Hersham, Co-Founder and CEO, Huckletree said,

‘Huckletree has always been at the forefront of the future of the workplace. Web3, and the metaverse are already present across our everyday lives and bringing companies together in the heart of London will allow them to adapt quickly to the evolving landscape.’

“We know the benefits that open conversation and cross-pollination between companies has. We’ve seen this come to life in our other curated hubs in London, including our GovTech and Venture Capital workspaces. Joining Huckletree places companies at the centre of the tech and innovation ecosystem, with access to experts, advisors and industry thought leaders.”

To further support the growth of Web3 companies, Huckletree is pleased to announce the formation of its Advisory Council, bringing together seasoned experts in emerging sectors such as digital fashion, venture capital, financial services, marketing, and academia. Among the members of the council are Dave Haynes, Investor at FOV Ventures, and Daniella Loftus, Founder of This Outfit Does Not Exist, a pioneering platform that brings digital fashion to life. The council will collaborate to create a programme that encourages companies to share knowledge, collaborate, and access funding and development opportunities.

Hersham added, “By bringing together a diverse Advisory Council of experienced practitioners in the Web3 space, we can continue to evolve our workspace offering and meet the needs of those at the cutting edge of the sector.”

Members at Huckletree Oxford Circus will be part of an ecosystem that includes founder circles, Q&A sessions with leading experts, and a network of venture capital.

The UK government’s ambition to make Britain a leading tech powerhouse is supported by the recent launch of the UK Science and Technology Framework. Web3 technology plays a crucial role in achieving this goal, as seen in the partnerships formed by companies such as Lego and Epic Games to shape the future of the metaverse, and the investments made by fashion companies like LVMH in creating immersive experiences in virtual worlds and releasing their own NFTs.

Laura Pleasants, Chief Marketing Officer at FivePointFive and a founding member at Huckletree Oxford Circus, said:

“Surrounding ourselves with like-minded, disruptive innovators in a vibrant creative community is inspiring. The unique collaboration fostered by the workspace in an iconic location with its electric design is invaluable and means everyone wins, learns and grows faster. We’re looking forward to maximising the product demo spaces and of course hopefully hosting some FivePointFive events and classes on the rooftop.”