Regeneration of Lincoln’s Moorland Centre completed

The redevelopment of Lincoln’s Moorland Centre has now been completed, bringing new services to the area.

Overseen by Banks Long & Co Director Simon Bridge, the first part of the construction stage was to demolish the former Downtown store, to create space for new units. In October 2022, building work was completed on the site, including constructing an Aldi supermarket and Starbucks. The site now comprises additional parking facilities, including EV charging stations and a new entrance from Moorland Way to ease traffic. Aldi has recently commenced fit-out of the store and will open soon.

As the Project Management team for the Design and Build scheme, Banks Long & Co was tasked with overseeing the work that was carried out by Jessops Construction Limited, a Newark-based firm.

Banks Long and Co’s Director Simon Bridge stated: “We are delighted to have acted on the Moorland Centre redevelopment and enjoyed watching this project come to fruition. The opening of the new units will complement the existing Elite Fish and Chip Company, M&S Foodhall and Lincolnshire Co-op Travel which have been on the site for several years.”

Darren Chiumento from Jessops Construction said “It’s been fantastic to be part of a project that has helped the regeneration of the Moorland Centre, Lincoln. We have received great amounts of positive feedback through the construction phase and hope that the New Aldi Store and Starbucks are a welcomed addition to the area. We thank all surrounding residents and businesses for their patience and understanding throughout, and genuinely hope the area created now benefits all.”