Colliers sells undeveloped Horse Sand Fort: Deadline for bids on reduced price No Man’s Fort set

Horse Sand Fort

Commercial real estate specialists Colliers has sold one of the three Solent Forts to a private purchaser who plans to develop the former sea defence.

The three forts had been owned by entrepreneur Mike Clare who decided to sell them in 2019. Last month, the smallest, and undeveloped Horse Sand Fort was sold to a UK buyer for £715,000 who is looking to develop the site for a leisure use.

The entrepreneur is keen to sell the remaining forts off the coast of the Isle of Wight and working with Colliers has now set a deadline for bids for No Man’s Fort. The 99,000 sq ft island is currently developed as a 23-bedroom luxury island retreat which was refurbished in 2015, with spa, restaurants, helipad, and events space. More recently additional landing stages and new generators have been installed, as well as the fort’s own pub.

Previously No Man’s Fort was marketed for £4.25million, but now the asking price has been dropped to £3.6million and deadline of Friday 26 November set for bids.

Paul Barrasford from Colliers’ Hotel Agency said: “Following our recent sale of Horse Sand Fort, Mr Clare is keen to progress on No Man’s Fort and has reduced the asking price to £3.6m and set a deadline for offers to come forward.

“There are not many people who can say that they own a fort, this site could be an amazing addition to a property portfolio, whether it is used as a hotel as it is now, a holiday residence or converted into a different use.

“For a creative investor it could be many uses such as a data centre, specialist athletic training venue, a filming location, or even a headquarters for a fast-growing start-up. Its remote location offers the ultimate privacy and security.”

The third Spitbank Fort is also available for purchase under separate negotiation.