Ground-breaking one-stop-shop partnership between leading Welsh accounting practice and pioneering IT specialists

Wales’ largest independent accountancy firm, Bevan Buckland LLP, has partnered with Tech-Wales Ltd to create a unique one-stop-shop for accounting and IT services for its clients.

Bevan Buckland LLP, which is headquartered in Swansea, has launched a partnership with Tech-Wales Ltd, a Port Talbot based IT outsourcing and consultancy firm, to deliver technology advice and solutions to clients investing in technology advancements.

Harri Lloyd-Davies, Bevan Buckland LLP Partner, says “We have known Mike Price and Adrian Williams, who set up Tech Wales Ltd, for many years and are working closely with them to develop our own in-house technology platform. We have several mutual clients, and we serve the same demographic of owner-managed SMEs across South Wales, as well as larger organisations and individuals. Many of our major clients have been investing in enhancing their IT capabilities and we want to support our clients in their endeavours. Automation and technology are transforming the accounting industry and we remain at the forefront of this change. Partnering with Tech-Wales has allowed us to be pioneers in our own IT agenda and we are already seeing the benefits with improved controls and productivity.”

Adrian Williams, Tech Wales Ltd co-founder says “Bevan Buckland LLP are uniquely placed to help us understand their clients and their technology needs, so we are excited to be partnering together. Our highly experienced technology consultants can bring necessary improvements quickly and efficiently to businesses. Like Bevan Buckland LLP, we are very client focused so we look forward to partnering closely with the practice.”

Gus Williams, Bevan Buckland LLP Chief Operating Officer, adds: “Technology services can be difficult for businesses to navigate, especially in such a rapidly changing environment. From partnering with Tech-Wales, Bevan Buckland LLP has developed a much more coherent long-term IT strategy, avoiding risks around signing onto services that may become obsolete in a few years. We know our clients would benefit from the same productivity gains, automated workflows and improved collaboration, and we are excited to be offering these services to our clients.”

As a key part of the partnership, Bevan Buckland LLP and Tech-Wales will invest in a Technology Graduate Recruitment and Training programme, building on the success of Bevan Buckland LLP’s own Training Academy for graduate accountants. The Bevan Buckland/Tech-Wales Technology Graduate Programme will be welcoming applications for the first cohort of trainees shortly, another step in both firms’ ambitions to support job creation within the region.

Bevan Buckland LLP is the largest independent accountancy firm in Wales providing accountancy services, tax compliance and advisory services and other strategic advice for small to medium-sized businesses. Headquartered in Swansea, the practice has offices in Carmarthen, Pembroke, Haverfordwest and St David’s.