BPF Futures LAUNCHPAD takes off

The British Property Federation (BPF) has announced the creation of BPF Futures LAUNCHPAD – a new learning and development platform for young-in-career property professionals. Membership is open to anyone with fewer than 10 years’ experience in the property industry.

Formally launched this evening at the BPF’s 47th Annual General Meeting, BPF Futures LAUNCHPAD will provide members with unrivalled professional development opportunities and an active role in supporting the industry’s engagement with the UK Government.

Principal benefits include a Mentoring Programme – to facilitate long-lasting relationships between senior figures and the industry’s leaders of tomorrow – and a BPF Futures Policy Congress where members will learn about, share knowledge of and debate government policy and key property industry issues, and support the BPF’s work in representing the industry to the Government.

Other benefits include an annual BPF Futures LAUNCHPAD Hackathon – a fun, creative and high-energy event for members to come together to tackle one of the big policy issues facing the property industry – as well as government-industry webinars and seminars, scheme site visits and social networking events when Covid-19 restrictions allow.

The BPF and Scottish Property Federation (SPF) are drawing upon their membership to invite senior figures and those in key management roles to become BPF Futures LAUNCHPAD mentors – and are inviting young-in-career property professionals in England and Scotland to sign up today to become BPF Futures members, and register their interest in becoming a mentee.

While BPF Futures was first founded in 2017 in England, this announcement marks its introduction to Scotland.

Melanie Leech, Chief Executive, British Property Federation comments:

“We are delighted to announce this major evolution in the development of BPF Futures – the BPF Futures LAUNCHPAD. Working with the BPF Futures Advisory Board, we’ve shaped a programme that will provide young-in-career property professionals with enhanced learning opportunities, and a strong voice in our industry’s interactions with the Government.

“It’s vital that Covid-19 recovery goes hand-in-hand with a renewed focus on equality and inclusion, and I hope our sector’s young-in-career professionals feel inspired to join BPF Futures LAUNCHPAD to contribute towards creating a more positive future for our industry, customers and communities.”

David Partridge, BPF President and Senior Partner, Argent LLP adds:

“If the property industry wants to succeed in ensuring our boardrooms become more diverse, we must become more sophisticated in our approach to nurturing talent. BPF Futures LAUNCHPAD will provide a unique opportunity to not only learn about government-property industry relations, but also be a part of and help shape the industry’s voice. BPF Futures are our industry’s leaders of tomorrow and investing in their careers is not optional – I urge as many of my peers as possible to encourage their junior members of staff to sign up and get involved.”

Harvin Chohan, Chair of BPF Futures and Surveyor, CBRE adds:

“BPF Futures is a community of talented professionals who are passionate about the property industry’s future and are driven to learn from their peers and leaders. When BPF Futures launched in 2017, we never expected such a fantastic response and we’re delighted to introduce this next chapter in our journey. BPF Futures LAUNCHPAD will open the doors to the sort of activity that has been typically reserved for our industry’s most senior figures – this is an opportunity not to be missed.”

Kevin Robertson, SPF Chair and Managing Director, KR Developments adds:

“Since its creation we have watched BPF Futures go from strength to strength and I look forward to bringing its offer to Scotland, to build a community of young-in-career Scottish property professionals with access to new opportunities for career development and provide them with a voice. Whether your business is exclusively in Scotland or has offices over the UK including Scotland, BPF Futures LAUNCHPAD is equally open to your Scottish-based employees – we need everyone to respond to our open call and encourage your junior talent to get involved.”