Developer secures £17m investment to improve transport infrastructure in South Leeds

Leeds property investment and development company, Munroe K, is delighted to be the first external organisation to present to the West Yorkshire Combined Authority’s Investment Committee, after it was revealed this week that £17m would be contributed to the development of the new White Rose Railway Station.

The White Rose Railway Station development will be a pivotal part of promoting sustainability both within the White Rose Park and the wider South Leeds region, as well as supporting the West Yorkshire Transport Strategy 2040, which outlines the ambition to achieve a 3.5% reduction in car journeys by 2027.

With Leeds City Council declaring a climate emergency in 2019, the need for schemes to reduce car usage and increase uptake of more sustainable methods of travel has become ever more important, and the White Rose Railway Station is a key part of this aspiration.

As part of the shared goal for Leeds to become a net-zero carbon city by 2030, specific measures outlined include:

  • Doubling bus patronage
  • 75% increase in rail
  • 10% increase in walking
  • 300% increase in cycling
  • 15% decrease in car usage.

In light of this, the opening of the station will assist the regeneration of surrounding communities, reduce congestion on the highway network and highlight significant improvements to the surrounding walking and cycle network.

Following a committee meeting on Wednesday 3rd February, it was confirmed that the £17m investment would comprise of £5m from the Leeds Public Transport Investment Programme, and up to £12m from the Transforming Cities Fund.

Work on the scheme is expected to begin this summer, and an opening date is planned for May 2022.

It is the hope of all at Munroe K that the station will positively contribute to the environmental impact in the area as well as improving connectivity and providing better opportunities for people to access jobs at the White Rose Park.

Commenting on Munroe K being the first organisation to present to the investment committee, Founder and CEO David Aspin said:

“I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to speak in front of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority’s Investment Committee; it was an absolute privilege, and we are delighted with the outcome. The White Rose Railway Station will be a catalyst to economic growth in the south of Leeds, as well as positively contributing to a reduction in carbon emissions.”

“I’d like to thank the committee for taking the time to listen to our proposal, as well as Lloyds Banking Group for their continued support as our banker and their great encouragement with regards to setting our goals toward meeting our 2030 sustainability ambitions. The new station forms a key part of that green agenda and the benefit of the Green Loan from Lloyds will help us deliver on our promises as we work together to improve sustainability across the White Rose Park.”

Munroe K is excited to see the scheme continue in its development, and look forward to the next steps in supporting the modal shift towards greener, more environmentally-friendly forms of transport in Leeds.