Institute of Directors in jobs boost plea

The Government’s pledge to get infrastructure spending rolling again is very welcome, according to John Rider, regional chairman of the Institute of Directors.

And he urged them to make a start in the West Midlands.

Mr Rider said: “The storm clouds are gathering with falling employment and rising unemployment at a time when it is difficult to see how this might reverse. Net new jobs – the difference between jobs gained and jobs lost – are the key, yet the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the euro-zone crisis means that companies are likely to remain cautious about hiring and more certain about firing.

“On top of this, the continued sharp squeeze in consumer incomes, with real pay falling by almost two per cent, means that high street prospects remain gloomy.

“The latest figures reinforce our belief that we need to consider another trance of quantitative easing – QE2 – as soon as possible.

“However, I am encouraged by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg’s promise to get infrastructure development moving again, what he described as a ‘gear shift’ in having big projects back up and running given the economy had changed rapidly for the worst in the last six months. New rail and building schemes would provide a badly needed short term boost and aid the beleaguered construction sector. And the West Midlands is the ideal place to make a start.”