Carter Jonas elects five to Equity Partner

National property consultancy Carter Jonas has elected five new Equity Partners, effective from 1 May 2021. These appointments are:

  • Anton Frost – Head of Eastern Region Residential
  • Christian Green – Head of Transport
  • Charles Hardcastle – Head of Energy and Marine
  • Alexandra Houghton – Head of Public Sector
  • Richard Love – Head of Building Consultancy and Project Management

James Bainbridge, Chairman of Carter Jonas, said: “Each person promoted has contributed significantly to the growth of Carter Jonas. It is a great pleasure to offer them my congratulations and thank them for their dedication, enthusiasm and all they have done for our business. Their collaborative approach is appreciated by colleagues from across our network, as well as our clients. I look forward to working with them and the wider team over the following years as we continue to progress our long-term growth strategy.”