Omega RE takes on two new recruits

Nella Pang

Omega RE has welcomed two new recruits, Pavlina Koravora and Lucy Richmond.

Pavlina is bringing her FM management experience, specialising in the aerospace, pharmaceutical and construction industry. Lucy is bringing her marketing expertise, having specialised in property and hospitality sector. They will both support Omega RE’s founder Nella Pang to build upon her vision to develop strong relationships and partnerships in the South Coast.

Pavlina says: ‘Omega RE has been gaining momentum since its launch in December 2020. I loved Nella’s drive and her commitment to create business opportunities to the South Coast, and I wanted to be part of that journey. Nella’s created an environment where people can grow, feel supported and valued, so joining Omega RE was a no-brainer.“

Omega RE founder Nella Pang says “We have a diverse business landscape on the South Coast – aerospace, fintech, innovation, marine, maritime, tech, finance and I am excited to bring Pavlina expertise in the aerospace and pharmaceutical industry on board. Omega RE business is about putting our clients first and understanding their business. Having Pav’s insight to the operations of these business sector will enhance our offering and I believe she will be a fantastic addition to the team.”

Omega RE has invested in innovative technology, to be able to provide Matterport immersive virtual 3D service. Nella adds “Lockdown has highlighted different ways of working, with prospective businesses now researching online more than ever and I am pleased to bring Lucy on board to help our properties standout from the competition”.

The ways of working are changing, Omega RE are committed to providing first class, outside the box solutions to best add value to Commercial Real Estate along the South Coast.

It is clear that we are navigating the unknown and it is easy to make bold claims of what the future will be, but as more companies begin to offer flexibility to their employees, their real estate strategy is being examined to a high degree to balance their bottomline. Omega RE is supporting landlords and occupiers understand this new way of working.