PM’s faith in return to office working welcomed by industry expert

In response to the Prime Minister’s view that there will be a strong return to the office following the coronavirus pandemic, as expressed on a call with business leaders this week, Giles Fuchs, CEO of leading serviced office provider Office Space in Town, commented:

“The Prime Minister is right to put his faith in a widespread return to the office. Lockdown remote working continues to have a serious detrimental impact on people’s wellbeing and health, with 29% of respondents to a recent survey by OSiT reporting that loneliness was the main disadvantage of remote working, a quarter of people reporting an increase in feelings of anxiety and 37% struggling to unplug from work – raising serious concerns of worker burnout during the weeks of lockdown ahead.

“Frankly, working from home in perpetuity is neither sustainable for people or businesses, which saw productivity plummet last year at the fastest rate on record.

“However, it is unlikely that businesses will return to the office as they left it – now favouring flexible workspace which can offer more responsive lease terms and shorter, more flexible commitment.

“Managed properly, the office can be one of the safest places during this pandemic and will be crucial in supporting businesses not only to recover from COVID-19, but to thrive in the months ahead.”