British Property Federation: Government confirms end date to commercial property moratorium

The Government has confirmed the commercial property moratorium on evictions in the case of non-payment of rent will end in March 2021.

There will be no further extension at the end of March.

The majority of property owners and tenants are already working well together. Any tenants who have not already engaged will now need to come to the table and be transparent about what they can afford.

This is the end of the road for those well-capitalised businesses who have refused to engage and pay any rent since March 2020 – the Government has made clear that they now must pay their debts.

Melanie Leech, Chief Executive, British Property Federation commented:

“Today the Government has confirmed that it is time to plan for the future and give the commercial real estate sector the clarity it needs in order to play its fundamental role in the UK’s recovery from the impacts of Covid-19.

“Ministers have rightly highlighted and commended our sector’s commitment to supporting tenants during what has been an incredibly tough year – and we recognise that those hardest hit will need further support through the winter. Any tenant who has not already engaged with its property owners, and is truly struggling, should now come to the table and be transparent about what they can afford. Equally this announcement signals the end of the road for those who can pay rent, but have so far refused to. The Government has made clear they must now pay their debts.”