South Wales Chamber responds to the latest Welsh Government announcements

Heather Myers, CEO of South and Mid Wales Chambers of Commerce. Pic (C) Huw John, Cardiff.

Heather Myers, CEO of the South Wales Chamber of Commerce, comments:

“The balance between protecting health and widely re-opening the economy is understood, and whilst businesses are asking for a reduction in the restrictions to enable them to re-start and recover, they balance this with the need to keep their workforces and workplaces safe.

“Although it may feel frustrating, because essentially little changes, what is now vital is clear guidance to give businesses time to plan for a safe return.

“We now know that there will be clarity on the re-opening of non-essential retail, schools and some parts of the economy in the next three weeks and many businesses will be focussing on June 18th as an opportunity to restart.

“As the recovery is likely to be phased, urgent consideration needs to be given to seasonal industries that rely on the summer period for their revenues. Tourism and hospitality must now become a key focus.

“Across Wales, manufacturing and service industries are urgently seeking guidance to allow them to safely re-open and protect their stakeholders and employees. Creative thinking needs now to be applied to funding solutions for the businesses as they open to ensure they survive.

“However, we still need clarity on the reopening of schools, access to childcare, and the safe use of public transport before the economy can be fully opened.

“We will continue to work with the Welsh Government to ease the restrictions, as soon as it is safe to do so, and the decision today demonstrates that this is the direction of travel.”