Daniel Pitt appointed as Property Manager at Kilpatrick & Co

Daniel Pitt, Kilpatrick & Co.

Kilpatrick & Co have announced the appointment of Daniel Pitt to the post of Property Manager with responsibility for their client’s properties and their tenant’s welfare across the South West. Previously Office Manager, Dan has been working for Kilpatrick & Co for four years and took up his duties in early March.

Daniel Pitt advised, “I am very aware that I take up my post at an incredibly difficult period for our landlords and their tenants. I have been calling and emailing all our tenants over the last few weeks, to offer support, solidarity and any help we can provide during this unprecedent time. The challenges we all face both personally and professionally are huge. Having come through the years of austerity, for our communities, businesses and families to be faced with this new threat of Coronavirus and the challenges it has brought to all our lives is like facing a battalion of uncertainty, hardship and sacrifice. There is no doubt the weeks and months ahead will be very difficult for us all. My job will be to guide and support our landlords and their tenants through this time, directing all our efforts and resources to help ease the burdens as best we can.

“While the following phrase used so many times and by so many in the past has often been nothing more than a cliché, ‘We are all in this together’ does now truly mean something. We are all now facing the same anxieties, uncertainties and problems and now more than ever do we need each other. As Property Manager, I will be continuing to do all I can to support our landlords and tenants and coordinate with all our outstanding contractors to ensure that services are maintained. But property management isn’t just all about delivering services, maintaining premises, adhering to the rules and regulations, although all of course are important. It is about far more than that – it’s about people, their businesses, staff and their families. So many will have had to close their businesses and shut up shops. Many will have had to have lay off their teams and staff, work remotely from home and wonder how they will ever meet their financial commitments at the end of the month. All of them will be concerned for the health of their relatives and friends as indeed we all are.

“At Kilpatrick & Co we believe business as usual, for the time being is over. Something more is now needed. Now is the time for compassion, patience and solidarity. If we all help each other we will get through this pandemic.”