Equiem: what do UK occupiers want?

In 2017, global property technology company Equiem, launched its world-leading tenant engagement platform in the UK. Just over a year later, and the firm’s technology has been rolled out across more than 5.5 million sq ft of prime commercial space across the UK and Ireland and is used by around 10,000 people here.

A key element of Equiem’s platform is the company’s data analytics programme which provides clients including LendLease, M&G Real Estate and Knight Frank with unique information about how users are interacting with their buildings.

Equiem has now compiled a report revealing which workplace amenities, services and experiences appeal most to users across its entire UK portfolio, gathering survey data from over 750 people who use the platform. The findings provide a unique insight into what we value most from our places of work in 2018.

Commenting on the research, Bronny Wilson, Equiem’s General Manager for the UK, said:

“At a time when companies increasingly consider employees to be their most important asset, knowing what truly appeals to those working within your building could not be of more importance for landlords in terms of leasing. Certainly this data amalgamates the broad trends which we are seeing across our entire UK portfolio, and indicates an increasing demand for shared experiences and convenience within our places of work, but it’s the site-specific analysis that platforms like ours provide which is most valuable to landlords.

“The important point is that unless you have access to detailed user data across individual buildings, asset management strategies always run the risk of simply being a stab in the dark. Effectively, a company’s war for talent is driving landlords’ war for tenants, and those that know how to appeal to the end user will ultimately satisfy prospective occupiers and get ahead in the leasing game.”

One of the sites surveyed included Lendlease’s International Quarter London. Andrew Tobin, Project Director at International Quarter London, Lendlease, said:

“Over the past 12 months we’ve seen IQL steadily grow as a community, and now there are over 6,000 people who work here. This recent survey has provided an invaluable insight into what facilities, events and experiences are important to those working and living at IQL and will enable us to provide an informed, curated programme for the future that directly responds to this feedback.”