More property firms must adopt new technologies to help the East Midlands prosper, says RICS


Despite huge investments and advancements in technology, the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) says the property sector and wider construction industry in East Midlands is still slow to uptake such innovations which could create taller buildings, wider bridges, better transport systems and smarter, more livable cities in the region.

Digital technology and tools are changing the way we plan, build, maintain and use buildings for the better, as such innovations have the power to design and develop more creative developments that are more sustainable, less costly to run and serve their purpose better. Yet RICS – a global professional body which sets standards in the land, property and construction sectors – says more property firms in the region could be using the latest advancements in technology – which include 3D modelling and virtual reality – to better visualise, design and deliver a built project.

Rob Walker FRICS of Walker Building Solutions said: “The diversity of professionals who contribute to a built project — including builders and masons – have been following the same methods with pretty much the same tools for generations, so many construction professionals are only interested in using building tools, or materials, to directly meet construction goals or reduce costs rather than seek to apply technologies to improve the build process or enhance the creativity of a project.”

“However, if construction and real estate companies want to remain relevant and competitive, and deliver the homes and buildings we need, they must consider adapting their ways of working. For example, in countries where modern methods of construction are more common, they use new building technologies to build large parts of a property including individual rooms in a factory setting rather than on site. This helps to control costs better and is safer and more efficient as works are unaffected by the weather.”

In recognition of the importance that technology companies have on all property sectors including the construction industry, RICS recently launched a Technology Affiliate Program (TAP) to raise awareness of the tech firms who support the adoption of RICS standards and are actively helping to advance the property industry.

Speaking about the program, Dan Hughes, Director of Data Products at RICS said: “Despite digital technologies rapidly changing how we do things in the built environment and how professionals carry out their roles, many organisations remain at an early stage of experimentation in their use of new technologies or data-driven systems. It is with this in mind that our Technology Affiliate Program aims to make industry professionals more aware of the latest technologies that will advance their capabilities and help them create less costly, more attractive and sustainable homes, buildings and transport systems much quicker.”

He adds: “Being part of the Technology Affiliate Program shows both the commitment to the adoption of professional standards and of playing a role in developing the wider industry as technology becomes increasingly important.”

Over 20 companies – of all sizes – have already signed up to the Technology Affiliate Program including Altus Group, Bamboo Auctions, Imfuma, Invida, FixFlo, Go Report, Kykloud, Rialto, Rescan, Landmark, Klipboard, Nomitech, Sorbet and Tender Space.