Stiles Harold Williams 2017 promotions


Stiles Harold Williams LLP have announced 17 new promotions including eight new Directorships for the 2017/18 financial year.

The new appointments – taking effect from April 3 are as follows (pictured from top left):

Candidate Region/Division Promotion to
Alex Bateman Sussex Coast/Planning Director
Thomas Coulson Crawley, Mid Sussex & Gatwick/Property Management Director
Emma Davey Sussex Coast/Property Management Director
Rob Dixon Crawley, Mid Sussex & Gatwick/Professional Director
Emma Hards Sussex Coast/Agency Director
Richard Pillow Surrey, South London & Kent/Agency Director
Holly Purvis Surrey, South London & Kent/Agency Director
Paula Smith Crawley, Mid Sussex & Gatwick/Professional Director
Duncan Bannister Surrey, South London & Kent/Property Management Associate
Rachel Finn Crawley, Mid Sussex & Gatwick/Professional Associate
Michele Gallagher London/Property Management Associate
Laura Miles Crawley, Mid Sussex & Gatwick/Agency Associate
Mungo Stenning Sussex Coast/BCD Associate
Luciana Teshima London/Property Management Associate
Peter Styles Cross-firm Head of Communications
Joe Sales Surrey, South London & Kent/Planning Senior Planner
Ruthie Taylor Sussex Coast/Property Management Senior Property Administrator

Managing Partner Martin Clark said: “At Stiles Harold Williams we never lose sight of the fact that our staff remain our greatest asset.

“We continue to recognise those who have performed exceptionally and their contribution to our business. I offer my sincere congratulations to them all, and thank them for their on-going hard work and dedication.”